Cosmic Reserve

Finally finished all four discs of the Cosmos series. Highly recommended if you're looking to stretch your patience and gain a whole lot of perspective. For those with not so much motivation and/or time, I'll leave you with the five core principles broadcasted toward the end:
[1] Question Authority - No idea is true just because someone says so, including me. [2] Think for Yourself

[3] Question Yourself - Don't believe anything just because you want to. Believing something doesn't make it so. Test ideas by the evidence gained by observation and experiment. If a favorite idea fails a well designed test, it's wrong. Get over it. Follow the evidence wherever it leads.

[4] If you have no evidence, reserve judgment.
...and perhaps the most important rule of all:[5] Remember, you could be wrong - Even the best scientists have been wrong about some things. Newton. Einstein. And every other great scientist in history. They all made mistakes. Of course they did, they …

One Box of Breaths

At last, I have found the missing piece for this post! Let's now begin with the following Daily Stoic newsletter that serves as a most fitting preface for my thoughts to follow:

          How to Not be Angry
The Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn has written about how our denial of impermanence is what makes anger and resentment possible. We think we have unlimited time, and therefore the luxury of being mad at someone, or furthering some feud. “If we spend twenty four hours being angry at our beloved,” he wrote, “it is because we are ignorant of impermanence.” Let every thought be the thought of a dying man, the Stoics say, over and over again. A dying man doesn’t have twenty four hours to be angry. A person who realizes how fragile life is doesn’t take chances in saying things they’ll have to apologize for—because they know they might not get to. There are many reasons to be a good person, but perhaps the best one might be the fact that this could be your very last opportunit…


Building off the above sentiment, here's a potent little excerpt that gives "written in stone" a whole new meaning:
"Scientists sometimes wonder what will eventually happen to the atoms of our bodies long after we are dead. The most likely possibility is that our molecules will eventually return to the sun.

Our sun is a middle-aged star. It is approximately 5 billion years old, and will probably remain a yellow star for another 5 billion years. When our sun exhausts its supply of hydrogen fuel, however, it will burn helium and become vastly inflated - a red giant.

Its atmosphere will expand rapidly, eventually extending out to the orbit of Mars, and the Earth's orbit will be entirely within the Sun's atmosphere, so that the Earth will be fried by the sun's enormous temperatures. The molecules making up our bodies, and in fact the Earth itself, will be consumed by the solar atmosphere."
(Pg. 298 of Hyperspace by Michio Kaku) No matter what perspecti…

Ashley Madison Economics VS Ethos Pathos Logos

After watching this interview with the [former] CEO of Ashley Madison, I'm convinced this man is one of Japan's latest human look-a-like robots. There is no sense of ethics in his eyes, no light from even the slightest comprehension of morality. Only the cold black stare of a number counting machine.

I mean, what else could come up with the company's slogan?
"Life is short. Have an affair." Obviously, this whole subject is a steaming pile of shit created by a tent full of circus animals. The only reason I decided to write about it is because it's not going away. When Ashley Madison first broke onto the scene, I had an incredulous laugh, shook my head repeatedly from left to right, and decided to patiently wait for the business to go bankrupt. After all, what sense would it make rebelling against what appeared to be the brainchild of a couple crackhead programmers? However, here we are many years down the road, and the complete opposite has happened. So, I…

Clowning Around

What if one life form could completely transform your understanding of reality?
What if this life form could make you completely re-evaluate everything you had previously known?
Well, here it is.

The clownfish.

At first glance, it appears to be just another fish. It's got fins, it's got scales, and it's got the standard issue fish lips. Sure, the orange with white stripes really sets it off, though aside from that, there's not much else worthy of attention. However, hidden beneath the ordinary, this fish has one unique capability: they can transform from male to female.

"Okay, fairly amazing," you say. "But so what?"

Well, let's think about it: If a fish can change from male to female and still retain their consciousness, this has tremendous implications for how we understand the rest of our consciousnesses.

Going back to the illusion of gender, the clownfish provides yet another scientific foundation to completely revise our understanding o…

No Touching Zone

As if grown men could not come up with anything more ridiculous, I now present to you: "The No Touching Zone"

Yes, this seriously exists. Right now, in our modern day, we have people who think it's important to cut down trees in an attempt to separate themselves from one another.

They do not understand we are all connected by the rocks below us.

They do not understand we cannot insulate ourselves from one another.

They do not understand we exist on a little sphere of unified mass within the realm of hundreds of billions of other galaxies.

They simply do not understand.

So what should we do about it? Well, the first step is to transcend the illusion. Stop acting like America and Canada actually exist. They don't. We're just people living in different locations that nature could care less for labeling.

The next step is to work with each…

Nefarious Requiem